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We offer various training modules covering the following:

  • Hazard Identification (HAZID) and Bow-tie Analysis

  • Application of Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) in Design 

  • Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) Basic and Leadership 

  • Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA) for Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Assessment

  • Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA)

  • Safety Case Practitioner (as per Singaporean Guidelines)

  • Safety Management Systems (SMS) Implementation  

We also provide tailored made training on techniques used during workshop facilitation having a number of qualified trainer for Process Safety and Risk Management applications.  

We have been in process of updating all courses , including producing specific courses for on-line learning or webinars. Stay tuned for further updates on our training offerings.

Singapore Major Hazards Installation MHI Safety Case Symposium 2019 Presentation

Safety Case Symposium 2019 Presentation on Major Hazard Facility Regulations

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