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Sphera’s Product Stewardship solution combines best of breed software with broad & deep content to enable you to manage hazardous materials along the complete lifecycle- from raw material acquisition, to production, to distribution of your products across the globe. We partner you with:

  • Material Request & Approvals

  • Acquisition & Management of Safety Data Sheets

  • Chemical Inventory & Substance Volume Tracking

  • Secondary Labelling

  • Regulatory Reporting

  • Safety Data Sheet Authoring

  • Product Compliance Analysis

  • Safety Data Sheet Management and Distribution

  • Batch Label Printing

  • Regulator and Data Services to Support Your Business Processes

All these capabilities are enabled with a focus on automation, and seamlessly empowered by our managed regulatory content. We know how important it is to effectively integrate with your key business systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) applications, so that you can focus on your business rather than on moving data around.

Intelligent Authoring (Online regulatory compliant Safety Data Sheets)

  • Sphera’s Product Compliance solution helps you comply with today’s regulations and standards, such as REACH and GHS. Sphera automates the production of compliant Safety Data Sheets in nearly 50 languages with key managed regulatory content, ensuring customers and employees will have the information they need to ensure safe use of products and maintain continued access to global markets

Comply Plus (Complete Chemical Management Software)

  • Sphera’s Chemical Management solution provides a single, centralized database to store all your material and chemical compliance data. 
    • Manage inbound and outbound SDSs

    • Meet right-to-know obligations

    • Facilitate chemical compliance tracking and regulatory threshold reporting

  • We recognise your need to stay compliant per the many regional and country-specific laws that affect your business. Whether for OSHA compliance, SARA Tier II reporting, SEVESO or GHS Classifications, we monitor and update regulatory lists on a global basis as a fundamental part of our Product Stewardship solution. The same extensive Managed Regulatory Content that is used to power our industry leading Product Compliance Authoring application is synchronised with our Chemical Management solution to ensure that your business processes can be streamlined and you have one version of the truth for all your regulatory data.

Hazardous Material Management System

  • Organisations that use hazardous materials face a series of challenges to manage them in compliance with environmental regulations. Every step – from acquisition to handling, use and disposal – poses risks that must be addressed to ensure a safe and verifiable process.

  • To comply with regulations, organisations require a solution that addresses the technical, logistical, personnel and reporting aspects of managing hazardous materials. Effective HAZMAT programs must maintain the focus on the safety of personnel while minimizing risks and costs.

  • Our Hazardous Material Management System (HMMS) offers a suite of products that assure compliance and improve productivity at every step of your hazardous material management process. HMMS enables you to:

    • Ensure EHS is seamlessly integrated across all business functions, structures, and geographies

    • Optimize purchasing by establishing procedures to control materials allowed on a facility (AUL)

    • Improve employee safety by approving hazardous materials for use only by suitable groups of people

    • Save money by minimising overstocking with total visibility of managed inventory, and by maintaining smaller inventories with greater control for less waste and disposal

    • Reduce liability by issuing job-specific quantities to reduce user exposure

    • Drive compliance with complex OSHA, EPCRA, and RCRA regulations


  • Evaluate, substitute and reformulate hazardous chemical products.


  • Web-based right-to-know solution for material safety compliance.

The SPHERA Compliance Assurance Solution helps you maintain your license to operate by ensuring accountability for all compliance tasks necessary to meet permit and regulatory requirements throughout your organisation. With the new Safety Case Regime in Singapore it is even more imperative that a system is in place to demonstrate to the Major Hazards Department and National Environmental Agency that your facility is in compliance. We are here to help with consulting, implementation and training of your staff for SPHERA suite of products. Benefit from the experience which other MNC organisations have known for years.

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