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Sphera’s award winning Environmental Performance solution combines advanced software and world-class content, along with deep domain and industry expertise to help organisations efficiently collect and aggregate emissions data and communicate results consistent with ISO 14001 standards. Unlike most of today’s environmental management products, Sphera’s Environmental Performance solution manages the full spectrum of emissions, waste, and water discharges within a single integrated solution. This unified approach streamlines data management, reduces the likelihood of errors, eliminates redundant data entry and transforms environmental management into an opportunity for competitive advantage

Regulatory record keeping and meeting EHS&S reporting requirements

  • Compliance Suite® is one of the most cost-effective and full-featured sets of information management applications available for OSHA/EPA record keeping and meeting EHS&S reporting requirements. The suite is designed to help organisations maintain compliance and also use their environmental data to develop business-enhancing performance metrics that reduce operational expenses and risk.

  • Compliance Suite® includes modules for audit, industrial hygiene, job hazard analysis, liability claims, refrigerant compliance, Right to Know, safety, training and waste.

Emissions / EHS&S Management - SDS, audit & task management and permits & regulatory

  • Essential is best-in-class enterprise software for environmental, health, safety and sustainability (EHS&S) management.  It delivers broad and deep capabilities that help companies comply with environmental regulations and standards while minimising the impact of compliance processes on facilities, personnel and production. 

  • Sphera enables your organisation to consolidate environmental reporting practices into a single solution and manage the full spectrum of emissions, waste and water discharges.

  • This unified approach streamlines data management, reduces errors, eliminates redundant data entry and transforms environmental management into competitive advantage.

  • The main environmental capabilities include air emission, waste, water and chemical inventory management.  The main health & safety capabilities include industrial hygiene, emergency management and incident management.  Essential also includes extensive capabilities for SDS, audit and task management as well as permits & regulatory applicability management. 

  • Essential also distinguishes itself by having a built in integration with CyberRegs to support regulatory content.  In addition its unique process data management capabilities provide out-of-the-box connectivity with over 400 process data historians and field devices to enable asset level data to be acquired, validated, and approved in support of EHS&S requirements.

  • Seamlessly integrating with Essential, Process Data Manager™ is an out-of-the-box solution for high frequency data processing specifically designed to reduce the burden of data collection, validation and aggregation.

Collecting data from all your facilities from the web

  • OpsInfo makes collecting data from all your facilities efficient and easy, allowing corporate wide metrics data entry and reporting from the web. OpsInfo technology platform provides the core functionality needed to manage sustainability performance across the enterprise, in a framework flexible enough to accommodate diverse and evolving business needs.

  • The platform was built from the ground up for handling measurement, analytics and change on an enterprise-wide basis. Powerful analytical tools enable complex calculations and bring the information to your desktop in easy to use, customizable dashboards and reports. A flexible design allows the system to accommodate business changes, regulatory changes, and personnel changes. OpsInfo includes modules for compliance assurance, greenhouse gas emissions, incident management, inventory, metrics, waste and water.

The above modules can be integrated with RIVO™ Sphera Cloud (RIVO). A global, cloud-based software platform that captures environmental, health, safety & risk data. It is an end-to-end risk management solution, comprised of ten modules of complementary application as: incident Management, Audits & Inspections, Actions & Remediation, Risk Register, Training & Competence, Docs & Policies, Compliance, Monitoring & Testing, Analytics, etc. It’s a mobile application.​

The SPHERA Compliance Assurance Solution helps you maintain your license to operate by ensuring accountability for all compliance tasks necessary to meet permit and regulatory requirements throughout your organisation. With the new Safety Case Regime in Singapore it is even more imperative that a system is in place to demonstrate tot the Major Hazards Department you facility is in compliance. We are here to help with consulting, implementation and training of your staff for SPHERA suite of products. Benefit from the experience which other MNC organisations have known for years.


Product Stewardship and Compliance Software can also be combined with the Rivo cloud platform which provides data visualisation and analytics for:

  • New mobile app empowers field employees to be able to report observations or perform audits and capture data on the spot.

  • EHS Compliance and Task Management covering areas such as:

    • Hazardous Material Management

    • Incident Management

    • Refrigerant Compliance

    • Emissions Management

    • Product Compliance (Material Data Sheet (MDS), quantity, etc)

    • Management of change

    • Chemical Management

    • Chemical Inventory Management

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