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We value the environment and consider the care and sustainability of our clients' operational locations to be of paramount importance.  

We believe that a greater emphasis on developing projects which are both environmentally sound and sustainable inherently leads to enhanced operations. Coupled with increased regulatory requirements and heightened public awareness, the reporting of environmental impact assessments to key stakeholders, regulators and the general public has become standard practice.

We pair with our clients to enable operations in the most environmentally neutral manner possible by providing customised environmental risk management, environmental assessment and reporting.


We can provide you with cost-effective, practical solutions across a range of services including:

  • Site Characterisation and Assessment

  • Process Reviews of Waste Technologies

  • Contaminant Fate and Transport

  • Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA)

  • Environmental Audits

  • Regulatory Compliance Management

  • Environmental Management Systems

  • Design and Management of Ecosystem Studies

  • Environmental Risk Assessment

  • Assessment of Effects of the Environment (AEES)

  • Best Available Techniques (BAT Assessment)

  • Corporate governance (CG) and corporate social responsibility (CSR) Audits