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Complying with safety, quality and environmental regulations and standards is increasingly important and has become more difficult as operations grow. Individual facilities are frequently using different methods and descriptions to define and assess risks, different models to score the severity and likelihood of risk and a multitude of systems and methods to control operational risk. This creates isolated pockets of risk knowledge, and impedes the ability to accurately share best practices and lessons learned while effectively managing risk across the business.

Sphera enables you to standardise your process for identifying, analyzing, mitigating and monitoring operational risk. We provide a means to quickly and accurately understand your risk profile, helping you make better decisions and drive sustainable improvements.

Operational Process Safety and Risk Management software includes two main platforms:

  • SPHERA Desktop Pro (PHA, HAZOP, What-If, Checklist, LOPA, SIL, JSA, FMEA)

  • SPHERA Stature™ Suite (Cloud based Desktop Pro Suite, Bow-tie, FTA, SVA, MOC)

Above enterprise software covers a range of techniques used for risk management of the facilities such as Process Hazard Analysis (PHA), Job Safety Analysis (JSA), Security & Vulnerability Analysis (SVA)


Sphera's Operational Risk Solution reduces change complexity with best practices for initiation, evaluation, approval and start-up of change management processes. We simplify the MOC process by clearly identifying all the required steps and approvals and prompting each user through his/her tasks in the project. This approach ensures that decisions are supported by real-time information and that information is easily accessible from the operator up to the CEO.

Our Quality Risk solution helps you strengthen and improve your quality processes. It provides you with the platform you need to create knowledge-driven, data-centric quality specifications and control plans that are consistent across the enterprise and helps you effectively conduct proactive risk assessment methodologies such as Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) and Fault Tree Analysis (FTA).

More importantly, the solution offers a holistic approach using standard libraries and templates to promote standardization and a common language, while providing the flexibility to link and connect information together – for example dFMEA and pFMEA, Process Flow Diagram/Chart, pFMEA and Control Plan. This allows you to perform quality risk assessment activities more efficiently and effectively, accelerating productivity and ensuring data integrity.

Operation and Maintenance Enterprise software includes:

  • Struxure™ (Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) master catalog data,)

Software provides sustainable data governance tool for MRO master catalog data. Software enforces the rules and best practices necessary for creating and maintaining standardized, comprehensive MRO item descriptions. It gives a real-time visibility into MRO inventory and greater control over operations and cost efficiencies

Comprehensive (ERM) solution includes:

  • Impact™ a comprehensive incident management tool.

The software helps companies improve operational excellence. Impact facilitates the discovery and removal of exposures to risk that result in organizational loss, tracks incidents, investigations and responsibilities and facilitates assessment of corrective actions. The main operational risk capabilities include incident management, risk assessment and corrective and preventative action (CAPA).


Click on the link below to download software units briefing or individual software brochures.  

The above modules can be integrated with RIVO™ Sphera Cloud (RIVO). A global, cloud-based software platform that captures environmental, health, safety & risk data. It is an end-to-end risk management solution, comprised of ten modules of complementary application as: incident Management, Audits & Inspections, Actions & Remediation, Risk Register, Training & Competence, Docs & Policies, Compliance, Monitoring & Testing, Analytics, etc. It’s a mobile application.

Rivo's visibility and control helps business manage risk, drive efficiency and create the resilience needed for growth.

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